All Fired Up for Rhinos


We hear so much about the horrific killings and the orphaned baby rhinos but many of us feel there is little that we as individuals can do.

I started my Project Rhino as my own way to contribute to the anti-poaching efforts.

Over the past few years I’ve built up a collection of pots with rhinos painted onto them and with rhino horns attached to them. Each one is either wheel thrown or handmade by me. Most recently I have produced a range of rhino sculptures, which are press moulded or slip cast but mostly slab built (my favourite technique). Although some may be similar, each one is unique and cannot be replicated. Through the sale of these pieces I am raising funds to help the fight against rhino poaching.

My rhino themed pots are available for purchase from my studio.

In September 2012, I first exhibited my installation, illustrating the poaching statistics over the last 6 years, with each horn representing a rhino killed. This was placed in the Top Fifteen at the Ekurhuleni Fine Art Exhibition.

Rhino Installation

I extended this installation in 2013 to reflect the current figures and the full installation now shows the shocking rise from 13 killed in 2007 to 1004 in 2013.

This installation along with many more of my rhino pottery pieces were well received at my exhibition at the end of 2013 which has allowed me to make a substantial donation to EWT thus far. In early 2014, the installation along with some of the exhibition was shown at GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science) in Hyde Park and was part of the GIBS Art on Campus program.

By donating to a reputable organization, I hope to help the brave individuals who are each doing all they can to help protect our beautiful rhinos. It’s a fight we need to win.

Let’s help save our rhinos, one at a time. 50% of my proceeds from sales go to the Endangered Wildlife Trust towards their efforts to fight Rhino poaching.

Rhino detail

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